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Work Philosophy

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  • Tradition

  • Experience

  • Quality

  • Put your trust in experts!

    Our company has a rich tradition. Metalworking in Krmelj reach back to 1962.

    Why do you need an experienced partner?

    Because we guarantee choice quality

    We work for customers that expect only products of best quality. A complete manufacturing process and quality control guarantee that products are in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 standard.

    Because we have plenty of experience

    We have been in the business since 1962 and have extensive experience in the field. We are capable of manufacturing highly complex products. We aid you in finding best technical solutions for your products.

    Because we can wholly accommodate your needs

    We only manufacture products based on the specific requirements of our customers. We are capable of quickly adapting and creating a wide variety of products.

    Because we have expert and highly qualified employees.

    Our employees are highly experienced and experts in their fields of work who can offer best solutions and counsel on technological issues of product manufacturing.

    Contact us for further information and questions concerning our products and services.

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