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About Inkos

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  • 1962 - a subsidiary of the Metalna company

  • 1991 - Tovarna konstrukcij in naprav, d.o.o.

  • 1993 - Inkos, d.o.o.

  • We Build on Tradition

    Metalworking in Krmelj began in 1962 when the Brown coal mine Krmelj was closed and a subsidiary of Metalna was founded instead. In 1991 the subsidiary was transformed into an independent company with the name Tovarna konstrukcij in naprav d.o.o (TKN). In 1993 however TKN lost contracts for its basic programme. This, combined with a recession in Slovene metalworking industry as well as in western markets, caused the firm to become bankrupt.

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      Men at work Apprentice workshop
      Opening of the new production hall, December 1962 Production start in the new production hall

    With the intention to keep a part of the former production program in Krmelj, a new firm called Inkos d. o. o. was established. Inkos proceeded to employ workers of the defunct TKN. In 1999 Inkos bought off the previously rented premises from the insolvent Metalna TKN. Today the firm possesses a complete manufacturing process and all necessary departments.

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      Men at work Consultation before work start

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